Poodle Dog Breed Picture

Donald Trump on 19 November, 2015 in Newton, Iowa

Theresa May confirmed she would back Donald Trump in attacking Syria, there was a terrible 'wiff of Blair' it has long been thought she would be 'Trumps Poodle' in Health and Clean Energy, Environment, GMO and greater links with major US Corporations, so out of Europe and into the arms of the US, do really want another war in the Middle East and joining hands with Trump, I don't think so! and if she gets a large majority, she can do as she likes for 5 years and without opposition she is looking for Ultermate Power, so before we vote we should ask ourselves, what if we don't like her Brexit Agreement, and what about our Health, Pensions, Wages. Food and Housing costs, our childrens education and local services, if we dont like her strong 'Right Wing' policies, which we are not being allowed to question there is nothing to do about it! This could make Margaret Thatcher's time a breeze!